Another Arni Village (English Version)

(Another Arni Vilage theme, to listen while reading:

     Music brings me life, or allows me to live a life that doesn't belongs to me?

     I can live and always renew me, feel a past life closely, or revive it?

     It's the Another Arni, bringing me sad memories, but remembering fondly the time where nothing made ​​sense (and don't needed to), but was everything perfect, everything was good.

     If I erred, I always had one more chance.

     I am happy today, certainly, and I can be happier remembering (or reviving?) past happiness.

     Were my legs moving in that village, seeing the same people, listening to the same music, now changed, because that was Another World, I was an outsider - of this place, of this life. Was precisely this what made me want to participate, want to help, want to live...

     Later, it all made sense, if it never rained was because it couldn't, it was special, it was always sunny.

     I was there, it was a good, sad, but good life. It was a boy alone in the world, looking after himself, confronting evil.

     If made some difference in my life since then, if something changed, if from there has germinated some point in particular... Undoubtedly changed me.

     It is impossible to delete that save and pretend nothing happened. It was not my life, it is my life.

     After going through Another Arni is impossible to go back to normal Arni and not feel a bit of discomfort with the people who live in sameness. Life teaches us to leave the place, meet people, write encouraging poems and face evil head on. But we always come back...

     Back home and see that everyone is well and nothing has changed, but no! You've changed!

     The house is almost a shrine where there is always warm scent of dinner. Strong and vivid colours, familiar patterns in carpets, fabrics smelling reminiscences.

     Back filled with triumphs, "Look Mom, I won it!".

     Come back a hero.

     ”I traveled the world, but I came back, here is my place. I've changed a lot. Not my house, I always have family conversations here, here is sunshine forever "

     Life is it, an experience of traveling to learn. And in the end, as we become heroes - fighting against earthly temptaions and searching to be closer to what Jesus proposed to us -  we all will return to God, to our real home, where is "sunshine forever".

Insanity leads to chaos,
Then To solitude...

The fruitless effort of adding
Meaning to what is meaningless

A lone, crimsons tear
Falls to the sea...

The echo of the remaining star
Cries out in the infinite vacuum

The least I can do
is send my distant prayers

Over the wind of time,
Setting sail on dreams...

"You will find hope within despair. One who does not experience sorrow cannot appreciate joy." 
Book of Poems

Original portuguese version (versão em português): Another Arni Village


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